Dedicated to the proper chemical and nuclear investigation and clean up of the Santa Susana Field Laboratory, we need sustainable and green solutions moving forward

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SB990 Struck Down in federal court:

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Boeing - Order Granting MSJ.pdf on the ruling and discussion that is needed

That means thinking outside the shovel and considering in situ treatment and containment solutions first, removing only the highly impacted soils and using green sustainable phyto technologies using natural native plant species to do much of the work so we can protect our valuable existing natural environment wherever it is possible and safe to do so.

We need to implement the Administrative Order on Consent for Cleanup in a reasonable way. Remember, these are signed and legally binding agreements with both DOE and NASA, and DTSC. Boeing remains under the 2007 order now that SB990 has been struck by Judge John F. Walter’s decision published today.

Imagine how much this area has already changed

How can we get the rest of the buildings down so we can get this investigation right? for more information.

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Sustainable and green remediation technologies become a pivotal aspect to the mitigative efforts moving forward, if we are to avoid re-living the impacts of our nuclear and chemical past.

Phyto-technologies can provide the same protective solution without the impacts of soil removal alone.

SB990 Motion for Summary Judgement in favor of Boeing 4/26/11

EPA Recognition letter to Christina Walsh and

Using smart solutions to be applied to the zones identified already by DOE and EPA and DTSC as clearly contaminated areas which will require remediation. Why not begin with these areas and put forth proposed in-situ solutions for each, including phyto technologies, soil/gas extraction, and other soil treatment methods that may reduce the impact to the current environment, as well as the burden on landfills for these soil and waste volumes.